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The other day, the hubby and I went looking for a place to live. We went to a nearby popular apartment complex for a tour. Although it was a bit expensive for my taste, the location was perfect, and it was a nice place. We sat down with the manager—who had insisted we rush over as fast as we can, because she wanted to get out of there by 6—and one of the first things she asked us was, “How much do you two make a year?”
We looked at each other, wondering what this had to do with this apartment complex. I knew there was no way she would tell us we didn’t make enough to live there, so we told her how much.
“I’m sorry,” she said, “but you make too much.”
I was shocked! We make too much to live at this apartment complex? The rent for a two bedroom apartment is one third of their maximum yearly income. That’s ridiculous! I asked why they have such a rule.
“It’s for lower income families,” she explained. “It’s so they can have a nice place to live.”
After we left, Ryan made a comment that seemed so true. “It’s keeping the poor poor.”
I really don’t understand why they have income restrictions like that. I could see them saying, “Sorry, but you don’t make enough,” since we really don’t make that much, and they want to make sure the rent gets paid. Typically, people who make over a certain amount (namely, their cut-off amount) want a nicer place than what they offer.
Can anyone explain this to me? Currently, I’m just frustrated and sick of looking at overpriced apartments.

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