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It’s been almost a year since I wrote on this blog.

I’ve been hanging out over at Blogger, which is a lot easier (for me) to use. But I feel drawn back here, to my first blog. WordPress was always good to me. And I’ve lost all motivation with my Blogger blog.

Things that have happened since I last posted:

Went and got myself hitched. (Technically, that happened BEFORE my last post, but I didn’t mention it.)
Got a good job. (Also, before my last post.)
Traveled a bit.
Got baby hungry.
Quit the good job. (long story for another day)
Lost the baby hunger.
Got a sporadic part-time job.
Wished I was still a waitress. (I know, I know.)

… and that’s pretty much it. Nothing too exciting. Nothing worth putting into detail.

And since most of the viewers of this blog come from people Googling “I Hate Twilight,” here’s my hate on Twilight for the day:

Twilight (the movie) was pretty awful. Thought that New Moon might be better, which it was, but still awful. Its only redeeming quality was how lovable Jacob was. (But, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that Jacob is the only character in the books I like, so I may be a bit biased.) The hubby and I saw both of these movies in the local dollar theater, which was jam-packed with college-aged girls–who glared at us intensely because we laughed the whole movie–and the occasional boyfriendsforced to see the movie–who glared as us enviously because they knew their girlfriends would never forgive them for laughing.

Also, someone needs to give Kristen Stewart a big ol’ hug, because she looks depressed in every picture.

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I’ve considered stopping this blog. In my favorite series of books, The Claidi Journals, (gee I love linking things) a man gets ahold of Claidi’s journal and reads them. And falls in love with her by reading them. And then he says he’s so used to getting to know people by reading about them (she was the first person he met in his life because he was hidden away), that he couldn’t bear going into normal society.

Recently, a few people (you know who you are) have mentioned that by reading my blogs/surveys/etc, they are getting to know me. I find that a bit strange, and I’ve always thought that I shouldn’t put my thoughts where people can see them because 1) Who really cares? 2) Shouldn’t that be privileged information?

All this is a prelude to what this blog is really about. (By the way, you know how there’s a word that means thinking about thinking? {I can’t think of what it is and I know it starts with a C, but Bryan and I put it on Urban Dictionary as cthinkthinking.} is there a word that means blogging about blogging? because that’s what I’m doing.)

I went back and read all my blogs from the point of someone who doesn’t know me as well as I do. (I do this often, with journal entries, my Facebook profile, etc. just to see if I should make changes.) (And admitting that is very personal, so please don’t tease me.) I found my blog about dating, and thought it was strange (not just because I was reading it from a different point of view). In it, I mention how I would rather be at home watching a movie and eating my way through a bag of chips (or something) than out at an expensive restaurant with a guy I hardly know.

Now, it’s not true at all. I love meeting new people and getting to know them (I thank my job for this), and while I do enjoy being alone, I would rather be experiencing life than hiding from it. It just shows you how much I’ve changed, how much I am changing.

Once, a good friend told me that he was amazed at how much I had changed since I had met him a year prior. If he and I were still friends, I think he would be astounded.

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Where did the word “blog” come from? It wasn’t even programmed into the cell phone I had two months ago. (Normally, I would say “my last cell phone,” but due to a fight between Verizon and AT&T, I had three others between it and now.)

I’m fascinated by the world of blogging. I doubt the things I write here will be viewed by anyone who isn’t forced here by yours, truly, but at least I can say I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. Maybe if I ever do Christmas mailers, I can just have a picture of me and a card that reads: “If you really honestly care that much about what’s happening in my life, check my blog.” But that would indeed be the epitomy of technology’s takeover.

I am reminded of the comic strip Zits. Before we went all frugal, we had the newspaper every day, and I would read the comics over lunch. Zits was one of my least favorites, because every strip seemed the same: Whiney teenager Jeremy plagues his parents with his endless disobedience. The specific strip I recall is one where Jeremy is at dinner with his parents, and his father is telling them about his day. Jeremy interrupts him and says, “Dad! You’re wasting good blogging material!” (Also, in several strips, Jeremy’s parents ask him about his day, and he says, “check my blog”.)

Anyway, that just might be it for now.

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