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(This blog is proof I’m a terrible person.)

After stopping at the vending machines on the way to the computer lab, I walked in between a few Charity Guys, shaking jars a third full of petty change, saying, “Feed the hungry!” I felt extremely guilty, opening my Gardettos (a perfect bag, I might add, full of the bagel crisps) and pocketing the few pennies I had left over from my purchase. I would have felt even worse putting only three pennies into the jar. It’s like, “That’s all you can spare, rich girl?”

(disclaimer: I am not rich. I have never claimed to be rich. I only bought Gardettos because they were the only non-granola bar item that was under 70 cents. but compared to the families on the street, I am rich.)

Today in my Philosophy class, we were talking about Utilitarianism. One formĀ of this philosophical theory says that you are not only responsible for the consequences of your actions, but you are responsible for the consequences of your non-actions.

“So,” my professor said, “I blame each and every one of you for the starving children in Darfur.” (or something like that, because I really know nothing about Darfur.)

I guess that’s what planted the seed of my guilt, and walking through the Chairty Guys without donating three pennies just put the nail in my selfish coffin. According to my Philosophy teacher, and all utilitarian philosophers, I should be out there helping the less fortunate every spare moment I have. Forget any of my hobbies or the fact that I’m getting married in six months! (Also, I shouldn’t put any money towards my wedding, besides the bare minimum. If there is an alternative that will benefit more people, I should use the money towards that. So the $2,000 I have for my reception should be donated to Operation Smile or something like that.)

I’ll have you know that every saturday for three hours I volunteer at a pet adoption.

Also, I broke my glasses again today.


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