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Where did the word “blog” come from? It wasn’t even programmed into the cell phone I had two months ago. (Normally, I would say “my last cell phone,” but due to a fight between Verizon and AT&T, I had three others between it and now.)

I’m fascinated by the world of blogging. I doubt the things I write here will be viewed by anyone who isn’t forced here by yours, truly, but at least I can say I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. Maybe if I ever do Christmas mailers, I can just have a picture of me and a card that reads: “If you really honestly care that much about what’s happening in my life, check my blog.” But that would indeed be the epitomy of technology’s takeover.

I am reminded of the comic strip Zits. Before we went all frugal, we had the newspaper every day, and I would read the comics over lunch. Zits was one of my least favorites, because every strip seemed the same: Whiney teenager Jeremy plagues his parents with his endless disobedience. The specific strip I recall is one where Jeremy is at dinner with his parents, and his father is telling them about his day. Jeremy interrupts him and says, “Dad! You’re wasting good blogging material!” (Also, in several strips, Jeremy’s parents ask him about his day, and he says, “check my blog”.)

Anyway, that just might be it for now.

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