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I have no idea why, but I think I want to be a talk show host.

It all started with a few off-hand comments from my sister about what a good stand-up comedian I would be. I know I’d be a horrible stand-up comedian, and that the crickets would lose their voices from all the awkward silences I’d cause, but it’s a nice sentiment.

Then I started thinking: I love to perform. I was in plays all through junior high and high school, and now that I’m not, it feels weird. People have told me that I seem like I’ve lost my spark, my love for life, and I think it’s because I’m not performing. I definitely don’t have the talent to continue in theater–which is why I’m not–but I still want to perform.

So why the devil do I want to be a talk show host?

I don’t know. You tell me.

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Everyone has their life ambitions—Get a million dollars, have 12 kids, start a web-based company. These are things I want to accomplish before I die.

  • Be a Flight Attendant
  • Learn Gymnastics
  • Be a mechanic
  • Learn at least two other languages besides English
  • Travel. This requires a list in its own, of where I want to go.
  • Skydive
  • Learn how to sing
  • Live on the road, from my car.
  • Work on a cruise ship.
  • Try my hand at stand up comedy.
  • Go scuba diving. This includes getting over my fear of deep, dark water.
  • Be licensed to marry people. Like a priest, you know? I just think that’d be cool.
  • Break a bone.
  • Do something and not tell anyone about it.

That’s about it for now.  All these goals will, eventually, help me write a book. I’m hoping that by being really experienced, I can write about what I know. Plus, I can be super cool and say I’ve done all that stuff.

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