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I hate New Years.

First of all, the end of the year always sucks. Between Christmas and New Years, everything just drags. The anticipation for Christmas has crashed into this leftover candy cane-induced coma, which is impossible to come out of until you can successfully write the date without putting the previous year’s number first.

But really, I hate New Year’s Eve. It’s one of my favorite holidays, but I hate it. My favorite holidays always turn out terrible for me. I think it’s because they have such potential. (Warning: most of these have to do with my lack of a love life.)

  • Independence Day: I love my family. I have always wanted to introduce someone I’m seriously dating to my family, and have them see how much fun we have on the fourth of july. I’ve always wanted to be kissed under fireworks, and it’s never happened. (I’m a liar. It happened once, at Lindon Days, but it was totally lame because I basically told the guy to.) I usually end up being really annoyed by my uncle or someone else, and go to bed early. Or something bad happens, like I sprain my ankle, or my nephew drops my best friend’s $300 phone in a bucket of water.
  • Christmas Eve: I don’t actually like Christmas. Like I said, the anticipation is so much better than the actual thing. Christmas eve has always seemed magical to me, but the actual thing isn’t that great. Since all my siblings are married, I end up at my parent’s house, watching A Muppet Christmas Carol by myself.

Which brings us to New Year’s Eve. (Which I don’t want to bullet and bold.) I’ve never been to a real new year’s eve party. In high school, we would have like 8 people over and watch movies all night, but that was about it. I’ve always wanted to go to a dress-up party with a guy and get a real fantastic new year’s kiss. Last year, I played UpWords with my uncle, and received a text message from the guy I was interested in at the time which said, “Did you get your kiss? I did.” and pined for him all night. Not fun.

This year, I was hoping it’d be more fun. My two best friends were going to come over, my practically-my-brother cousin, and my family was going to be here. We were going to play games and watch movies and bang pans. Then my brother decided to go to First Night, my sisters decided to go to their in-laws, and my dad decided to invite that annoying uncle and his kids over. In addition, his kids have to go to bed early (even though the youngest is like 12), so all celebrations are to end at 10. Joy.

I’m going to stop whining.

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