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People suck.

I’ve always known this, considering the fact that I hate everyone and everything, but today, it just seems worse. I like my sheltered little corner of life, because it helps me keep a bright outlook on life. Occasionally, I like to see what the rest of the world is up to, and tonight, my quest for outside experience led me to Yahoo! Answers. (Stupid, I know, but it just intrigues me, especially the section on politics.)

The stupidity of some of the questions on there just astounded me. Common ones are:

  • Am I attractive?
  • How do I get him/her to like me?
  • How do I get into Disney Channel shows?
  • What should I wear tomorrow?

There are so many of these idiotic questions, and more, that I’m usually just annoyed, trying to sift through them all and find the intelligent ones. But the questions that really got to me appeared when I wandered into the Religion & Spirituality section. No matter what the question was about, some idiot would no doubt rail on people for believing in God. Some of the questions were even aimed at people who believe in God, telling them they’re idiots.

Now, maybe I’m just a nice person, but I don’t understand how some people can tear others down like that. I’m a Christian, and it just pisses me off anytime someone tries to convince me that God isn’t real. Even if He isn’t, why shouldn’t I believe in Him? It puts meaning in my life, it makes me happier… over all, it makes life better for me. I don’t tell Buddhists that Buddha is just a load of bull pucky (which it’s really not).

After bumming around on Y! Answers for an hour or two (I’m very bored until my new job starts, okay?), I was ready to hurt someone. It just made me think how judgmental and horrible people can be, and now my faith in humanity is significantly lower.

 Stupid Yahoo.

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