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(almost 5,000 views?? how is that even possible? I’ll tell you. it’s the Twilight posts. I should keep those up.)

When last we left Janeal, she was mad at Warner Brothers, enjoying speed dating, and pondering over who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Also, she was a waitress working in a dead-end job.

(I have to explain that last sentence. I discovered Cha-Cha, the texting service that answers your questions. To test it out, I asked it all sorts of random questions, one of which was “What is germonderpop?” And the answer was, “Germonderpop is a blog about a waitress working in a dead-end job.” Funny, huh?)

Well, I’m not a waitress working in a dead-end job anymore. Well, I am. But now I’m going to school. Trying my best not to drop out. Forcing myself to do homework.

So far this semester, I’ve alienated myself. I’ve ignored everyone in my classes and gone straight home after school. But now I’m trying something new: Socializing with my classmates and hanging around campus more. Both of these—though this is the first week I’ve started it—are already improving my education. By becoming friends with people in my classes, we can study together. By hanging around campus, I have nothing better to do than homework. (Except right now. Yes, I’m on campus.)

And that is all you need to know right now.

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I’ve reached a dead end. I’m a waitress living in an attic, progressing neither mentally nor financially, and I have no motivation to fix it.

“Simple solution,” you say. “Go to school. Get a degree, get a good job, do all that travelling you’ve been wanting to do, and grow up.”

“Oh, well wouldn’t life be just beer and skittles if it were that simple,” I say.

First of all, I don’t want to go to school. I love learning, but I only like it when it’s something I’m intrigued by. For instance, as of late I’ve been gazing up at the stars (what one may call “stargazing”), curious about them. I’ve been studying astronomy on my own, because I want to. I don’t want to be required to take X amount of science credits and Y amount of history classes. I want to see something I don’t understand, and answer my own questions. I hate the education system.

Second of all, even if I wanted to go to school, how am I to pay for it? I don’t want to get a student loan unless I absolutely have to, and I don’t want to go into debt unless I absolutely want to go to school. I can’t go to school unless I have a high-paying job that can support me while I go, and I can’t get a high-paying job unless I go to school.

Typical Catch-22.

It seems my only option is to crawl back to my last school, beg forgiveness for wasting a perfectly good scholarship, and promise not to do it again.

Either that, or work at a Mexican Restaurant for the rest of my life.

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Well, it’s official. I’m never going to school again.

Last year, when I was graduating from high school, I got accepted into BYU. I was going through my rebellious phase at that point in time, so I turned down the scholarship they gave me. I didn’t want to go to school. Then, to please my parents, I decided to go to a local college. They were so happy, they paid the tuition. (Later on, I got a full scholarship so they got their money back.)

That semester, I bombed. I had gone for the completely wrong reasons, and I just lost it. I didn’t even show up to 4 of my 5 finals.

Now, I kinda want to go to school again. I reapplied to BYU as a freshman—not as a transfer student, because I don’t want failed classes on my transcript—and got in. I think I reapplied for the wrong reasons, though, because I was slightly disappointed when I found out I got in. I kinda wanted them to turn me down so I’d have an excuse to live like a hippie for the rest of my life.

But here’s the good/bad news: they say if you went to another semester of college, you have to transfer your credits. You can’t have a fresh start. I don’t know if they’d still let me in if I transferred my credits. I don’t know if I’d want to go to school with that mark on my record.

It’s too much of a hassle, and not worth it to me. School’s not a priority on my list, so I’m just not going to go. Call me crazy, but that’s just how it is.

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