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(Wow, posting that last blog felt good. I missed putting what I think out into cyberspace, knowing that there’s a good chance it won’t get read. This blog is less personal, so I can voice opinions I’d be too afraid to post on my other blog.

Plus this one has an app for my iPod Touch, which I use more than my computer.)

I’ve been really annoyed with pretty much everyone lately. Being too judgmental is a real problem of mine; I can find something I don’t like in everyone I see, and I usually magnify that fault until there’s no room for any positive personality traits to win me over.

I’ve been trying to overcome this–it makes it hard for me to stay in a good mood. If I’m constantly complaining (out loud or to myself), I end up cranky and negative. Not only that, but being so critical of others makes me assume that everyone is that critical of me, so now I don’t want try anything new for fear that someone will make fun of me.

It seems like everyone and their Aunt Lillian is trying to start their own photography business. And why not? Everyone likes taking pictures. You can run it from the comfort of your home instead of getting a real job. You can charge ridiculous amounts of money if you have enough experience. People nowadays want pictures taken for everything: engagements, weddings, pregnancy, newborns, family pictures, senior pictures, etc etc etc.

It really irks me, especially since most of the photographers I know have no talent, no artistic instincts, and are just taking crappy pictures and editing the hell out of them.

Having a nice camera and knowing how to use it doesn’t make you a photographer.

I digress.

I make fun of these wanna be artists so much that when I think “Hey, maybe I should sell my jewelry/teach piano lessons/open a booth at the local boutique,” I shoot my own idea down. “That’ll never work,” I tell myself. “You’ll fail, and everyone will see you fail and whisper about you.” Consequently, I spend a lot of time watching other people succeed and burning with envy.

So now I’m trying to change my thinking to “good for them for trying something new! it’s more than I can say for myself.”

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I hate dating. Out of all the social norms, dating is the one I would sacrifice to the Gods if I lived on a remote island and we needed a social sacrifice to throw into the angry volcano.

I take that back. I’d get rid of hand shaking and high fives first. And then dating would have to go.

Dating is awkward for me. When I get nervous, I babble, and when there is any sort of silence between me and the only other person I’m with, I get nervous. This comes from my dad, who tried to drill the art of small talk into me, but instead taught me how to waste my breath. Now, if I’m at dinner with someone I like (which is rare), I scare them off by telling them about my dead dog, crazy uncle, or sleeping habits.

I’m not too worried about babbling, though, because like I said, that only happens around someone I like. I’m a practiced misanthrope, so finding someone who doesn’t drive me up the drapes is indeed rare. I’m more worried about actually going on dates. I would rather be home alone, eating my way through a box of Cheez-its and watching a crappy made-for-TV movie than out at an expensive restaurant with another guy who only asked me out because I have long eyelashes and good hair. Everytime I get asked on a date, I cringe inside. I quickly go through excuses in my head, and usually just resort to saying “maybe” and never answering my phone when they call. Don’t bother telling me I’m a terrible person. I’m already aware of that.

Maybe someday they’ll bring back the practice of arranged marriage, and I won’t have to bother with weeding through the pick-up lines to find the honest guy.

Here’s an adorable quote from My Best Friend’s Wedding: “Kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just… passes you by.”

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