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….are the bane of my existence.

Every job I’ve had (except my current one. I’d had enough) has been at a call center. Phone surveys, tech support, customer service, etc. I had no idea that my jobs were horrible until I started working as a waitress. Go figure, eh? Now, I have no desire to return to the world that is “Hi, this is Janeal with Comcast—” *click*, because I have seen the light. I know now that there are better jobs out there that don’t require you to sit on your butt all day.

Unfortunately, the time has come for me to leave my waitress job. Or at least find another part-time job. I don’t make enough waitressing, I don’t get as many hours as I want, and the hours that I do get are crappy. I’ve been looking for a job, but the only ones I get responses to (and that pay enough) are call centers. It seems as though I’m doomed to wearing a headset and being bored out of my mind for the rest of my life. Yippee.


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I have been interviewing for jobs this week.

Every job I interviewed for called me in for one job (mostly receptionist work), but then considered me for another (usually tech support). I am so annoyed, I could quite possibly hit someone. I’m working tech support right now, and I’m quitting for a reason. Hello!

Anyway, it seems my only choices for decent wages and health benefits rolled into one are tech support and administrative assisting (the politically correct term for “receptionist”), neither of which I’m cheering about. I wish I could find a writing job, but in this world, you need a degree to do that sort of thing, and as I have no patience for the education system, I’m stuck filing, calling, and scheduling.

Maybe one day I’ll go absolutely insane, take all my savings, and move to Estonia.
(I only say Estonia because they mentioned it in an Archie comic book I read today on the bus. I don’t actually know where Estonia is.)

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