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In the space between consciousness and sleep last night, it randomly occurred to me how similar Twilight and Tuck Everlasting are. I don’t make it a habit to think about Twilight, but I was just remembering Tuck Everlasting from elementary school days, and thought, “That sounds like Twilight!”

For those of you who have never read it or never heard of it, Tuck Everlasting is a story about a well-off girl, Winnie, who is bored with her life. She meets a family who have a secret: they are immortal. This is because they drank water from a mysterious spring (possibly the fountain of youth?) years ago, and haven’t aged a year since. They are unable to die from injuries, either. Winnie ends up falling in love with one of the children, Jesse. He wants her to drink the water when she comes of age so they can be together forever.

  • Jesse’s body is 17. So is Edward’s. They both seem “perfect.”
  • Jesse is 104 years old, really. If I remember correctly, Edward is about that age too. or 120 or something.
  • Tuck Everlasting takes place in a little town called Treegap. (Similar to Forks, actually.)
  • Winnie is an only child, whose parents are both overprotective. Same with Bella.
  • Winnie falls in love with Jesse at first sight. (Or, as the book puts it, loses her heart at once.) Bella pretty much does the same thing with Edward.
  • Jesse’s whole family is immortal (even the horse). Edward has a “family” of immortals.
  • The Tucks move around every once in a while, so people won’t get suspicious that they stay the same age. Same as the Cullens!
  • While Jesse wants Winnie to become immortal when she turns 17 so they can be together forever, some of his family doesn’t want her to, saying immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Same with the Cullens. (Starting to get spooky?)

Anyway, of course there are some differences, such as the fact that the Tucks aren’t vampires, or that Tuck Everlasting takes place in the late 1880’s, or that Jesse is an actual real believable character, or that Tuck Everlasting has a plot in addition to the love story. The biggest difference, though, is the ending.

Jesse takes a bottle and puts some of the immortal water in it. He gives it to Winnie and tells her to drink it when she turns 17, then come find him. Then he and his family run from the law. Winnie decides not to drink it, though, and gives the water to a toad (??). The Tucks only find out because the mom and dad go back to Treegap years later, and see her headstone in the cemetary.

So, unlike Bella, Winnie chooses a normal, mortal life.

Other than that though, the stories are ridiculously similar. Tuck Everlasting was written in 1975, which makes me think SMeyer might have gotten a few of her “original” ideas from Natalie Babbitt.

Just a thought.

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