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Well, I’m back to where I started.

Two days before school was to start this semester, I withdrew from all my classes. Why? Well, it was going to be a GIANT waste of money. I still don’t know what I want to do—besides be a flight attendant (and I still can’t figure out how to become one! Any help?)—and, starting in May, I’ll be a wife. I don’t want to go to school and work while my husband is doing the same, because then we’ll never see each other. Once he gets his degree and a good job, I’ll probably go back to school.

So now, I’m at the same Mexican restaurant, looking for a new job and wishing I didn’t smell like fajitas all the time.

Meanwhile, I’m planning a wedding. If you’ve never had to plan the biggest event in your life before, let me tell you! It’s a nightmare! So much goes into planning a wedding, it’s ridiculous! So many decisions have to be made about stuff that doesn’t really matter to me. (i.e. I would be happy with a live band, but I’d also be happy with a really awesome playlist. The centerpieces can be whatever, as long as it goes with my theme. I don’t care what food is served at my reception!)

I put off planning, because when we first got engaged, I had 6 and a half long months to put everything together. But now that the wedding is imminent (4 months away! this year!), I gotta get crackin! I need to find dresses, for me and my bridesmaids, I need to take engagements and put together invitations, I need my fiance to give me names and addresses from his side of the family, I need to settle on a location for the reception, etc. etc. etc.

(and while I’m doing all this, I’m desperately trying to find a good job, which seems impossible.)


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